UNIFIED Music Group Pty Ltd (UNIFIED) has opened applications for The UNIFIED Grant (the Grant), being five grants of five thousand dollars (AUD$5,000). Applicants must agree to the below terms and conditions (Terms and Conditions) to apply for the Grant. Upon acceptance by the Applicant, these Terms and Conditions form an agreement between UNIFIED and any Applicants or Grant Recipients.



  1. Applicant Criteria: In order to be eligible for the Grant, Applicants must:
  • be primarily resident in Australia; and
  • have a current registered ABN.
  1. Project Criteria: Projects subject of applications must:
    1. be for a specific project or business idea to be executed in Australia (Grant Project); and
    2. operate in, and primarily benefit, the Australia music industry and creatives.
  2. UNIFIED will not accept or consider any applications that, in its sole discretion, do not satisfy the above criteria.



  1. Applications for the UNIFIED Grant (Grant Applications) open at 10am AEST on 27 September 2023 and close at 11.59pm AEDT on 1 November 2023. Any applications made outside of this timeframe will not be accepted.
  2. Grant Applications must be submitted via https://theunifiedgrant.com/ and include:
    1. all Applicant and Grant Project information and supporting materials as requested;
    2. acceptance by the Applicant of these Terms and Conditions; and
    3. any other requirements outlined on the Grant Application page.
  3. Applicants agree to provide more information and supporting materials or evidence upon request from UNIFIED.
  4. UNIFIED will determine successful applicants of the Grant (the Grant Recipients) in its sole discretion.
  5. UNIFIED will contact Grant Recipients by 10 November 2023 (Announcement Date) and Grant Recipients have seven (7) days to accept the Grant. Grant Recipients must be reasonably available within thirty (30) days to participate in content creation and a media event. Applicants agree that their name, project details and images may be made publicly available if they are selected as Grant Recipients.



  1. UNIFED will make payment of the Grant (AUD$5,000 excluding GST) within thirty (30) days of receiving a valid tax invoice from the Grant Recipients. Payment of the Grant is conditional upon the Grant Recipients complying with these Terms and Conditions.
  2. Within six (6) months of payment from UNIFIED, Grant Recipients must spend the Grant on the Grant Project outlined in the relevant Grant Application, unless otherwise agreed with UNIFIED.
  3. Within nine (9) months of payment from UNIFIED, Applicants will provide a short written summary of how the Applicant spent the Grant and the benefit derived from the Grant.
  4. As a condition of payment, Grant Recipients indemnify and keep UNIFIED, its related bodies corporate, employees and officers, indemnified against any loss, damage, claims, costs (including legal costs) or demands sustained by, or made against UNIFIED, its related bodies corporate, employees and officers by any person, arising out of, caused by, directly or indirectly related to the relevant Grant Recipient’s Grant Application, Grant or the Grant Project.



  1. Grant Recipients are granted a limited non-exclusive non-transferable and non-assignable licence to use the UNIFIED Grant logo (to be provided upon request) and the UNIFIED name (being ‘UNIFIED Music Group’) only in relation to the Grant Project, for one (1) calendar year after payment of the Grant (the UMG Brand Licence). UNIFIED may terminate the UMG Brand Licence at any time in its sole discretion. Grant Recipient will provide UNIFIED with prior approval over any exercise of the UMG Brand Licence.
  2. Applicants and Grant Recipients warrant that all information and materials provided in the Grant Application are true and correct and that the intended use / use of the Grant and the Grant Project is not contrary to any law, government regulations or other subsidiary legislation, order (including health orders) or other rules.
  3. Any individuals submitting the Grant Application on begalf of an Applicant, have the power and authority to do so on behalf of the relevant Applicant and to agree to these Terms and Conditions on behalf of the relevant Applicant.



  1. Grant Applicant grants UNIFIED a royalty-free transferable and assignable licence in perpetuity to use the Applicant’s image, likeness, logos, branding and other materials related to the Grant Project (Applicant Materials) in any media for the purposes of promoting the Grant and/or UNIFIED and its related bodies. This licence includes the right to edit, copy, exhibit and/or publish the Applicant Materials and Applicants waive any and all moral rights in relation to this grant of rights. Grant Applicants warrant that UNIFIED’s use of the Applicant Materials shall not infringe the rights of any third-parties and shall not otherwise be contrary to law.
  2. Applicants and Grant Recipients will not disclose UNIFIED’s confidential information without UNIFIED’s prior written consent or as required by law.
  3. UNIFIED may immediately terminate this agreement if the Applicant or Grant Recipient:
    1. breaches these Terms and Conditions;
    2. the Applicant or Grant Recipient has provides false or misleading information in the Grant Application or otherwise; and
    3. does anything that could bring UNIFIED into disrepute (determined in UNIFIED’s sole discretion).
  4. If UNIFIED terminates this agreement in accordance with clause 18:
  5. UNIFIED shall have no further liability to the Applicant or Grant Recipient;
  6. the Applicant or Grant Recipient must immediately take down any public material or cease any public disclosure that Applicant or Grant Recipient is an applicant or recipient of the Grant (as relevant); and
  7. in the event the Grant has been paid to the Grant Recipient, the Grant Recipient must immediately repay the Grant in full.



  1. UNIFIED collects Applicant’s information in accordance with its Privacy Policy which can be found at unifiedmusicgroup.com/privacy-policy/. Applicant acknowledges and agrees that their personal information is collected by UNIFIED for the purpose of considering applications for the Grant, administering the Grant to Grant Recipients and promotion of the Grant.
  2. The laws of Victoria, Australia apply to these Terms and Conditions. The parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts in Victoria, Australia.
  3. This Agreement does not give rise to an employee, agent or partner relationship and neither party is authorized to bind or represent the other party.